Engineers and Jobs in India

I have seen many engineers who are completed their engineering from reputed universities and colleges from India.

Many of them having no any experience in practical manufacturing industries and hence they has to struggle a lot to search a good opportunity for them for a better future.

sometimes they has to compromise with their area of interest for jobs and its very difficult for them to sustain the good output in area which is not their interest.

I had personally interviewed many engineers and found some observations which i want to share with all new engineers.

Hope you all are read it properly and never doing such things in your life for better future and better prospective s in their life.


1. Engineers are always think about the job having a small cabin , personnel laptop, having many people reporting to them, but unfortunatlly such things they have to earn by their hard work and dedication towards the responsibility they has to taken.

2. Do not run from the issues / trouble / difficulties faced during your career or your personnel life also. if you not face the problem how can you assume whether you have fail or win? you has to fight in the battlefield to reach to the conclusion. your failure gives you more knowledge then your success in many cases.

3. Always ready to take any new responsibility.

4.Do not feel fear about the new challenges faced during your work, challenges gives you more experiences to share with other to improve them.

5. Try to work by your self rather than depending on others. Try to raise questions in your mind on what you are doing and why you are doing that activity? what is the reason behind this? etc.,, it will give you more inputs and knowledge on the work you are performing.


such observations are taken from my personnel experience.


You may also share your inputs and ask any question to me. i will try my best to give you inputs / feedback / suggestions on your questions.

any questions / knowledge sharing will be highly appreciated.




Jankrut Dave




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  1. Dhaval Chauhan

    I strongly agreed and appreciated your all point.

    But I have question that as per point no 2 says that “you has to fight in the battlefield to reach to the conclusion”—-we must do fight and reached at conclusion but we are not able to do nothing just because of politics or a misuse of position power or plz suggest what we should do in that type of situation.

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      First of all, you need to think, what your senior having roles and responsibilities.
      They might be thinking out of the box as the ultimate goal of the organization is to fulfil customer requirements on Quality as well as on time delivery of the product.
      In some cases they need to take risk and ship that product to the customer hence may be they not follow your inputs but it doesn’t mean that they not listening to you or not taking care of you.
      Politics inside the company is everywhere but you should not lose your focus on your given task and responsibility taking. Many people under you follows your actions and they may misguided by your action.
      You should drive the force and do not deviate your work from the system in such situations. As a quality engineer, you should drive the quality system into the organization without losing your focus on any politics. It will harm to you as you divert your focus from your career to others. Always focus on Goal towards your growth by your hard work, dedication, continue learning and teach peoples under you. Their growth gives you extra push towards upward.

      I hope above details may give you your answer in better manner. You can ask if you need anything.


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