Sharing My Experience – Part III

                                                         Quality Assurance V/s Quality Control.


Since many years manufacturing industries are follow the protocol which is directly related to Quality control activities. Basically Quality controls activities are directly co related with the containment activity in which supplier are always trying to protect their customer from non-conformance products.

Quality control required to take immediate actions on any containment activities. Like if you want to reduce any rejection / complaints raised by your customer then in that case you need to take immediate control on detection activities to protect your ultimate customer. After protecting only you can think to eliminate such issues in future and take preventive controls on it.

To put Quality Assurance into Organizations DNA, need to gather Data for all aspects which you need to address under assurance for quite few time period like at least 6 months so that you can see where you need to work and how?  For major manufacturing industries, main focus are on Rejection, Rework and customer complaints to improve, by that way you can cover many areas into organization to improve through Quality Assurance and establish a healthy quality culture into your work place.

Yes, support from the management is the must for such kind of activity hence require a positive and clear vision of improvement required from the management. People need to try their best to convince the management for such culture and management need to encourage such initiatives to fulfill the organizations goal for the future.

Quality assurances stated as a EYES of Customer. Customer are not able to be presented at suppliers location hence they need such Quality Assurance at suppliers locations so that they can rely on data and getting the good quality produce on consistence basis.

Now, many companies are initiating the Assurance activities and getting a tremendous results into their work culture and getting organization profit through it also.


Journey with experience still continue…………..


Friends, right now sharing very few lines for such huge subject.

Will share other into the same title soon.

Requesting you to please share your experience also into it so that others can also read and implement any good and positive things into their life also to getting success.


Hope such initiative will be continue from my friends and seniors also in front of entire world.


  1. Tejas Shah

    Good article which will help young engineers to understand concepts Of quality…again its good for quality Awareness…

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